Picture of church from outsideCedarhurst Unitarian Universalists (CUU) is a progressive congregation grounded in the liberal religious tradition. As Unitarian Universalists, we affirm human worth and dignity, encourage the free search for truth, and commit ourselves to help create a society in which there is respect and justice. Rather than calling upon certainties, we encourage each person to engage in life to the fullest of their capacities.

Our Promises to Each Other:

We, the Cedarhurst Unitarian Universalists, join together to create a religious community guided by love and sustained by respectful relationships.

We promise to participate in the activities of this congregation as circumstances permit, offering our presence, our talents, our passions, and our resources.

We will seek to live by the Unitarian Universalist Seven Principles, which begin by affirming human worth and dignity.

We pledge to honor the varieties of spiritual seeking among us, affirming the liberal religious tradition that recognizes there are many ways to what is right and true.

We promise to listen as we share our stories, truths, and concerns. We will support each other as we face both the sorrows and the joys we encounter in our life journeys.

We promise respect. In times of disagreement, we will communicate directly, assume good intentions, and try to be kind. When there is hurt, we will reconnect in love.

We pledge our intent to form a congregation that supports each other while reaching out to the community and to the larger world.

(approved by CUU on June 1, 2014)