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CUU’s April Events

Sunday Book Club – May 13, 2018 (after service)

The May book will be “Jane, the Woman who Loved Tarzan,” by Robin Maxwell. 

Mysteries At Cedarhurst – a spring series of 6 sessions held at Cedarhurst from 1:30 to 3:00pm. If there is a possibility you may attend any of this series, please send an email to Doris Fountain so that the group facilitator can alert you if there is a last minute change due to illness, weather, or family emergency. You are welcome to come without submitting that information, but be aware that changes can occur.

April 17 – Mysteries of Time

April 24 – Courage in Action

May 1 – Gift of Age

May 8 – Parapsychology and the Standard of Evidence

May 15 – Prejudices: what are they and why do they happen? What can we learn from being both victim and perpetuator?

Participants are welcome to come early, stay late, and bring a friend. You are welcome to enjoy your own food or drink if you missed lunch.



CUUs Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 12pm. Business will include: Annual Report, Support for the 8th Principle, ByLaws Changes and Election of Officers