Worship focused on the spiritual interests of our members. Our services
cover a range of issues including personal spirituality, current events, and religious and philosophical concerns.

An opportunity to explore your spirituality. We believe in the open exploration of what we find to be right and true, drawing upon many traditions–Christian, Jewish, Humanistic, Buddhist, Pagan—as well as our own reason and experience in creating an approach to life that feeds and sustains us.

A community of care and concern. We celebrate good times together while offering support during periods of need. We believe that we become more human by being present for each other.

Religious education that helps children and adults become religiously literate. We become acquainted with the themes of the world’s great religions while also developing core values we can rely upon. Exploration of religious topics is balanced with opportunities to work for social justice, emphasizing that we are not here for ourselves alone.

Social justice involvement. CUU partners with organizations in both Carroll and Baltimore counties to help those in need. We also participate in national and international work for justice through the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Our social justice work is grounded in the Unitarian Universalist affirmation of the worth and dignity of each person as we seek to help build a more peaceful, just, and caring world.